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As one of the world's leading training grounds for engineers, the TU Delft views its role in society as supplying technological solutions that take us significantly further along the road towards sustainability and economic strength. The university positions itself as an open academic community which, through its scientific personnel and graduates, is represented throughout the academic world and is rooted in our own regional and national, social and economic environment. It is of crucial importance to attract the brightest students and show them a window into their future study environment.

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Create a digital impression of the campus atmosphere at Delft University of Technology

How does one get an impression of a place where one can't physically be present? During the recruitment of prospective students it is important to show them the environment where they will bloom and flourish. To support critical decision making, it is important to have state of the art facilities and a pleasant study ambience besides the expected offering of excellent educational content. The Delft University of Technology wants to offer prospective international students the possibility to experience the living campus environment without traveling across world. It is up to Skopei Digital to create an online story that will act as a final pull while attracting students to Delft.

Seamless compatibility

Seamless compatibility

The beauty of the bird's eye view landing page layout of the website is that it runs seamlessly across devices. The simple yet effective layout of the site brings true meaning to the phrase 'ease of use'. Be it using a touch sensitive device, or using a mouse pointer, the intuitive feel to navigating the map is unique in its simplicity.

Creative drawing

By creating a visual that is not like reality, characterisation of landmarks can be done easier. It also offers the opportunity of squeezing everything in a small space than it would occupy normally.

Dual Menu

Videos can be watched by clicking on an individual marker, as well as selecting a specific topic in the the left top side menu. In this way, visitors can reach their desired video through a list or map view.

THE TU Delft living CAMPUS

A Campus that provides a space for colleagues and students to exchange knowledge and experiences, while at the same time offering an inspiring work and learning environment. This is what TU Delft envisages with the Living Campus.


It is impossible to show reality trough a lens as it is always just a rendition of that exact moment.

For the visualization of the campus, together with the Marketing department of the TU Delft, we decided to create a bird's eye view illustration that represents the campus in a simplified yet inviting manner. Locations are defined by their characteristic buildings which can be emphasized in informal illustrations.

We decided to create quick cut, fast moving videos to give an idea of the general atmosphere that is felt by the digital representation of reality. It is impossible to show it all. Hence, the decision of giving an overview alternated by showing details. Together with the TU Delft, we made a list of the most important points on campus coupled with the most visually appealing locations.




Sub result: Video

Unit Sports and Culutre

A good way to meet students outside the faculty is to join sports and cultural groups. The TU Delft Sport Centre and Culture Centre are located at Mekelweg 8-10. The university's Sport Centre and Culture Centre offer a wealth of opportunities for activities, personal development, relaxation and social interaction. The sports centre provides facilities and qualified instructors for many team and individual sports.





Virtual Campus

A playful and brief digital online overview that enables visitors to fly over the campus and view 18 different brief videos about the different faculties and student related topics of the Delft University of Technology.

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