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Study in Holland in 100 Seconds

Why should a student come study in Holland? EP-Nuffic, an organisation that promotes the internationalisation of education in the Netherlands, got us to make a video that persuade prospect international students to come study in Holland.

By stating we only need a 100 seconds to convince them, we created a format in which the viewer knows what to expect. The set time frame, together with the rapid pace and the big variety of images, prompts that the viewer will finish watching the video in excitement!

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René Smeets
Study in Holland in 100 Seconds


Finding the right balance

NUFFIC is an organisation that operates around the globe. They reach out to people everywhere. The challenge for us was to make a video that appeals to people with all kinds of cultural backgrounds. This means we had to find the right balance of what we show in the video, and what the general atmosphere is.

For example, NUFFIC aims to communicate that the Netherlands is an open-minded and progressive country, but it should not be deterrent to people from cultures who are not used to that. The video is meant to show how much fun studying in the Netherlands is, without making it look like studying here is only about having fun.

In the end we found a balance that is attractive to people from anywhere in world, while still getting the right message across and maintaining the edgy vibe that makes this video so much fun!




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