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Mobility Platform

In the wake of the evolution of the collaborative consumption economy, Skopei has developed a framework for businesses so they can start collaborating and sharing, using their own set of rules and corporate policies. Skopei Digital was asked to develop an interaction design and visual design to support Skopei in their mission, so we did!

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Design an interactive platform for mobility services

The success of the collaborative economy is based on the availability of items, flexibility and pricing. Based on these requirements, it is essential that SKOPEI is a user-friendly, cloud-based portal for mobility services. Users can easily make reservations, payments and obtain a virtual key to unlock an asset. Skopei Digital has developed an interactive portal to facilitate users in their day-to-day operations.


One platform for all Mobility Services

SKOPEI Mobility Portal is initiated from the vision that corporations do have the need to manage all their mobility related services from one portal. Ranging from mobility budgets to bike-sharing. The Mobility Portal allows users to book a workplace at their own company or abroad. Renting a bicycle never has been easier, so has booking a parking spot, ordering a cab or sharing a ride. The cost of the mobility services is aggregated onto one monthly invoice, and can be specified to a person or department. This allows the HR-manager to be in control of cost, while gaining insight in the movement of people. The success of the Portal is based on the level of flexibility, therefore the portal has been developed for desktop, tablet and smartphone.


A clean and straightforward UI that helps instil trust and confidence

When designing services that have to deal with personal information, it is important to put transparency first. Users need to feel comfortable using the service, yet they have to feel that using the service is effective and effortless. We decided to support these feelings with a very clean and straightforward user interaction design. The fresh and crisp visual identity of SKOPEI is applied on both webportal as applications. Therefore the design language is recognisable and stimulates the feeling of trust and confidence.


A new user-centred Mobility Portal that empowers users in taking control of their mobility needs

Driven by our dedication to the client, we have been able to work closely in every phase of the project. Many iterations and design steps have been taken to come up with the end result. The main focus of such iterations has been on conveying the meaning of the new functionality in a way that would be clear and understandable to the end-users.

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