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When Qbuzz won the public transportation contract for the Utrecht region in The Netherlands, it created a new subsidiary with a new identity: U-OV. The company was in need of a new scalable website which allowed them to manage the websites for its different regions from one Content Management System. Also it had to communicate with APIs which allow users to request time tables, plan their next journey and get information on disruptions. We've created a beautiful adaptive website which provides clarity of information, no matter what device you're using.

Qbuzz / U-OV
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Qbuzz Website
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information fast lanes

How do I find the right bus? Which tram route should I use? Will I be delayed? Where do I go if I left my bag in the bus? All relevant questions for which the Qbuzz / U-OV websites should provide relevant answers.

Public transportation companies have vast amounts of relevant and important information they need to communicate to their passengers. Herein lies a problem: how can we structure all this information so that it is easy to find, without creating an information overflow in which users get lost.

Simplicity in itself

Simplicity in itself

A breadth of information without the confusing mess. The modular design of the websites ensures that all relevant information is presented in a simple and accessible manner.

Information center

To ensure best possible service for the passengers of Qbuzz / U-OV, the website also features detailed information pages.

Detailed overviews

Public transport can sometimes be difficult, especially in the chaos of urban areas. Therefore, the Qbuzz / U-OV site offers detailed journey details with all relevant information.

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