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How can students get to see what a university is like, without actually visiting it? In what way can they feel the atmosphere on campus if they are in another country? Erasmus University Rotterdam wished to offer prospect international students a representative experience that shows what studying at their university is really like.

We created a mobile-first webpage that tells a story to engage and inspire future students of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. In this project, video production, web development and interaction design are intertwined. This results in an immersive and easy to use web experience filled with loads of original video and photographic content.

Erasmus University Rotterdam
Web Design, Web Development, Video Production, Concept Development
Erasmus Virtual Experience
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Mobile first

The sites that dominate the world wide web at the moment, namely the various social media, were taken as our biggest inspiration source for this project. For this reason, interoperability, usability, and content were emphasized during the process.

This project held a lot of technical challenges which required to join all our forces at Skopei. The virtual experience was first designed specifically for mobile phones devices, and in turn for computer screens. In other words, all material is vertically formatted making it user-friendly on every device.


Five main themes

Five main themes were identified, each introduced by a video, to give prospective students the opportunity to fully get a grasp of each aspect of their future university. The mixture of 360 degrees’ photos, scroll videos and regular videos present students with the most real experience possible, giving the feeling that you are actually there. Moreover, the user holds the agency to decide his or her own path when scrolling through the 360 degrees’ experiences.


Authentic feel

Social media sites stress the importance of user-generated content and this inspired us to incorporate student testimonials to provide a more authentic feel of how the university and its surroundings are seen by alumni and how choosing the EUR impacted their lives.

We managed to tackle all the technical challenges and to create a virtual experience that provides prospective students with an honest first impression of how it is to physically be at the Erasmus University and its accompanying city Rotterdam.

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