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    Healthcare robotics - State of the art, opportunities and barriers
    Medical industry's significant amount of time have been spent on precision, repeatable and assistive tasks. Humans for long have undertaken these tasks and although number of errors and accidents are too low to cause any significant dent in the industry’s reputation; the mistakes do have a high value of loss. Robots to the rescue!
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    To IoT or not to IoT, Mapping the state of the art
    The Internet-of-Things or IoT refers to the interconnection of physical devices with embedded sensing and communication possibilities. Everything from livestock to agricultural products, healthcare to home-automation, logistics to industrial assets and smart cars to smart cities will be impacted by the technologies emerging from the IoT. Many speculate this is nothing short of the 4th industrial revolution.
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    Quick scan Ministry of Security and Justice
    Robots will soon assist caregivers and authorities in numerous areas. These robots can, for example, be used to get an aerial overview at accident sites, for drug searches in harbours, or to help fight large fires. Robots also offer possibilities to help increase security in prisons or at airports.
  • Report
    Robotics In Agriculture - Coming Soon
    What is the current situation of robotics in agriculture? What are the drivers, trends, developments and barriers of robotics in the agriculture? What are characteristics of robotics in the agriculture? Our research has shown the total overview is missing. We made a report that gives a structured overview in the sector.
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By Filippo Santoni de Sio

Robot ethics

The robotic revolution brings also new big ethical challenges. A decade or so, the term “robot ethics” was coined to describe the effort of creating a systematic reflection on the principles which should guide the design, development and employment of intelligent machines. There is some disagreement about “what we should want from a robot ethics”, with some claiming that we should (mainly) work on embedding some form of morality into intelligent machines, that is “teaching robots right and wrong”, and others going as far as claiming that we should (also) consider the ethics of how we should treat robots; however, in the short run it is advisable to see robot ethics mainly as the reflection of the duties, rights, virtues of the human beings designing, developing and using robots; in a slogan: robot ethics should mainly focus on the humans behind the robots. In this sense robot ethics may be seen as a specific chapter of the general framework of Responsible Innovation.

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